Wellesley Project:
“Thank you, thank you, thank you.  We can not say it enough. Thank you for bringing our dream home to life.  Thank you for your professionalism, your perfectionism, for understanding our vision, for listening, for advising, for being our counselor and friend during this entire period. We feel incredibly lucky to have chosen you for this project and would do it again in a heartbeat. It has been truly memorable.”

Wellesley Project:
“Charles Kraus and his team did an amazing job of turning our dreams into reality! They performed the design build of a whole house gut remodel that required structural repair, new mechanicals, new floors/walls/roof/kitchen/3 baths and more. Everything about the process was professional and the final product is superb. If we could give a grade higher than A, we would.”

Arlington Project:
“If asked by a potential client, I would not be able to say enough positive things (meaning there are too many to list, not that I couldn’t think of any!) about your incredible level of professionalism, integrity, and ability to communicate with us as clients. We were always really impressed by how professionally you handled even the most difficult of situations and conversations. While we had really only done small projects in the past prior to this so don’t have a lot to compare it to, the way you run your business and deal with us as clients is really head and shoulders above other business owners we’ve hired. We always felt like you were completely upfront and honest with us which we really appreciated, not to mention organized and diligent which always made us feel confident that you knew what you were doing. Maybe our bar for general contractors is just kind of low, but we never felt like you tried to mislead us or bait-and-switch or any of the other slimy things that one might associate with builders : ) In other words, we trust you and I would be very comfortable telling prospective clients that I think they should be able to also.”

Chatham and Quincy, MA Projects:
“Chuck Kraus is excellent. He has done a commercial and a residential project for me, and I am in the process of using his services yet again, for another project. I continue to go to Chuck because he is professional, practical and very accomodating. He is highly responsive to clients, builders, suppliers and subcontractors. He has a broad knowledge of his field and makes appropriate suggestions to ensure a smooth, efficient product with a lasting value. His allegiance is to the homeowner/business owner, first and always. I would highly recommend him for your project.”

Needham, MA Project:
“Highly Recommend. In our experience, Charles has an approach that I believe people will find very rare and refreshing these days. As an example, even before a formal arrangement was defined, he made multiple site visits to give us his friendly professional opinion about a property we ultimately purchased. He was extremely accommodating and friendly throughout the entire process. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable about both the architectural and contractual aspects of the business, he seems to have a great natural sense for what the client is looking to do, with the ability to easily drill into surrounding alternatives that might make the most sense for the lifestyle in question. Whether it’s layout design or material selection for example, he’s got an opinion, and has the right approach in sharing it. He is punctual, professional, and was a pleasure to deal with throughout. Even when completed, he is type to always be available for questions and help you work through resolutions, whatever the issue might be. I would strongly recommend him and his firm to anyone looking for architectural design or construction services.”

Truro, MA Project:
“I have worked with quite a few architects over the years and Mr. Kraus was extremely accommodating. He is concerned with your ideas and wants not HIS ideas about what you should do. He stayed within budget, made fantastic recommendations for designs and use and was available for all kinds of questions about resources and materials. This was my second time employing Mr. Kraus (Charles) and I have recommended him to many people. My builder, who has worked with many architects, said he was the easiest architect he ever worked with and has done a few jobs with him since. If you are looking for someone to work with you and for you for your needs, Charles is the guy!”

Mansfield, MA Project:
“The best decision I ever made! Complete professional service from the moment Charles showed up at my door he was willing to do whatever was asked of him to make us happy and ours was a troublesome project from the start but Charles was patient and understanding and kept helping work things out until we finally had what we wanted-and he did it all for a fair price. Charles is very down to earth and friendly and easy to talk to. Some other architects I interviewed were very uppity and didn’t communicate well with my wife and I. Charles was just the opposite and we feel that we couldn’t have done better and would recommend Charles to anyone looking for an honest,reputable architect for thier project.”

Medfield, MA Project:
“The reason we decided to move forward with Charles was his ability to listen and provide insight. He took the time to ask questions, challenged us to think, really think of what we wanted and our overall goal. Once that occurred, Charles was able to provide a whole host of ways of meeting our objectives, while keeping an eye on the budget and time line. We would be very happy to speak with others and explain in greater detail our very positive experience with Kraus Architects.”

Weston, MA Project:
“My wife and I were very satisfied with the Architectural Services provided by Charles Kraus. He always listened to us carefully, and then put our thoughts very effectively on paper. He never pushed his ideas or opinions on us unless he sensed that we wanted or needed help. We were difficult clients in that we kept changing concepts; yet Charles was patient and let the process take its course. He never rushed us or made us feel as though we were taking up too much of of his time. His delivery was timely, his attitude professional, and we are very pleased with the quality and comprehensiveness of his final product. We would recommend him highly to anyone looking for architectural services.”

Carlisle, MA Project:
“Charles is an outstanding architect and person. It has been a pleasure working with him to date. Charles has been patient and accommodating to all of our thoughts and design requirements.”

Winthrop, MA Project:
“Charles is fantastic to work with, very honest and sincere!”

Mendon, MA Project:
“Charles was terrific to work with, easy to talk to, and he followed through.”